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Technical Specs

* 100% cast-in-place concrete floor and roof slabs

* Laminated, high-efficiency impact-resistant glass throughout

* Home automation system by Control 4, which controls, programs and/or monitors:

    Lighting controls

     Security cameras

     Alarm system

     Audio system & built-in stereo speakers



     Front door release


* Whole-house generator with a 1,000-gallon underground gas storage tank

* Utilizes gas for hot water, range, BBQ, and pool heater

* Connected to city water and sewer line (no septic tank to deal with)

Green Energy Details

* Energy-efficient glass windows & sliding glass doors (insulated, laminated & tinted)

* Tankless gas instant high-efficiency hot water heaters

* Air handler units, super high efficiency 17-18 SEER

* Programmable thermostats

* High-efficiency thermal insulation for roof and walls

* Energy efficient LED lighting fixtures

* Low VOC flooring porcelain tiles

* Low VOC Italian cabinetry

* Energy-efficient appliances

* Low Flow Plumbing fixtures

* Xeriscape native plant landscaping

* Tropical passive solar design

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